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NFC Tags - accelerate, control and optimize work in your facility

Posted By FB Serwis | 08 March 2018 | Proptech

It is enough for a technician to approach the NFC stickers with mobile devices which he uses on a daily basis at work so that he can easily and quickly get information about a given device, inspection history or building plan. Currently, the facility manager can significantly simplify and speed up his work thanks to modern technologies such as NFC (Near Field Communication). This solution helps not only to improve the flow of information and to optimize the time spent on performing everyday duties but also to effectively control technicians.

How technology of NFC tags works?

NFC stickers work by bringing the mobile device closer to them and enable a wireless exchange of information between devices. By equipping devices or objects in the facility with NFC tags, we enable technicians to quickly access data about the device, inspection history, building plan, files and much other information that are crucial during everyday work. Importantly, the technology also allows working in offline mode.

What can you use NFC tags on the site for?

  • Inventory of devices – technician who performs work related to the repair of the defect scans the NFC tag and the mobile application displays device data, such as defect and inspection history, documentation (operation and maintenance manual, warranties) and basic data (serial number, location, operating notes)
  • Performing inspections – after scanning the device tag, the screen of the mobile device will display technical service panel. The technician gets access to the checklist – a list of tasks he should perform during the inspection, as well as all the key information about the planned inspection.
  • Using the NFC tag as a control point – during the inspection, the technician confirms its presence at the device, by reading the NFC tag in one of the tasks assigned to the inspection.
  • Reading consumption levels on meters – meters are inventoried using NFC tags, and the mobile application organizes the list of meters according to the order in which they are read. The technician approaching the meter, reads the NFC tag using the mobile application which displays the meter card and allows entering the meter's status. This significantly accelerates the process of reading meters.

“By using NFC tags for device inventory, reading meters and registering inspections, technical companies are able to perform their tasks quickly and transparently. While reducing the cost of technical service, the manager gains a tool to control and precisely report.” says Dariusz Meres, Development Manager at Velis which provides FBSerwis with NFC technology.

The benefits of using NFC tags are huge, but unfortunately, often underestimated by Facility managers in Poland. The key is to understand that the initial financial outlay and the time devoted to the implementation of technicians to work with this technology are more than appealing thanks to the improvement and acceleration of daily duties.
FBSerwis uses NFC tag technology in an industrial facility where it deals with technical maintenance. Due to the fact that the solution facilitates and accelerates the work of technicians, we plan to implement it in other facilities which we take care of – in shopping malls, office buildings, and sports facility.

Kamil Krzymowski, Regional Director

Kamil Krzymowski is a Regional Director at FBSerwis, a company providing comprehensive services in the field of real estate services, industrial maintenance, infrastructure maintenance, environmental services and energy efficiency. Before joining FBSerwis, he gained experience as a Facility Manager of the data processing centre of one of the largest GSM operators in Poland, where for 4 years he was responsible for the management of a group of facilities, investments and the process of energy saving. He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology in the field of automation and computer engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

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